Social care

The pandemic of Covid-19 may be just a transitory event, but it has powerfully highlighted weaknesses in the interaction between institutions, the economy and households/families. In this session, we will explore how sustainable and inclusive growth and social cohesion will depend on a more effective settlement for socialising care in both countries.

Children's wellbeing

Collaborative research in the network will focus on the comparative approaches to understanding the wellbeing of children in care, the efficacy of interventions to improve long-term outcomes and models of care provision

Desistance from crime

This webinar discusses what ways social policies interact with family dynamics to assist (or perhaps interrupt) processes of desistance? Are there lessons for policy formation or practice in criminal justice settings from examining the experiences of other countries and jurisdictions?

Technical innovation & artistic and cultural participation

This webinar will aim to bring relevant arts organisations and academic partners within the creative industry together, to exchange their experiences and learn from each other.